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Tortuguero is a fantastic introduction to Costa Rica and the perfect start to your holiday. The name can be translated as Land of Turtles, given its name from the thousands of sea turtles that use these beaches for nesting every year. You travel to your lodge through coffee and banana plantations and the final part of the journey by boat on the water canals - there is no road access to this area!

Tortuguero is not just about turtles as it is also referred to as the Amazon of Costa Rica with great opportunities to experience the impressive fauna and wildlife during the walks and boat trips through the rainforest canals. There are a variety of comfortable lodges all with a swimming pool. Regular tours are included in your stay and as this is such an isolated area your stay will be on a full board basis.

This is a fabulous start to a Costa Rica holiday. The journey to the lodge is amazing. The first time I went here, the guide got the driver to stop and, we got out of the van to be two feet away from a three toed sloth relaxing in a tree on the side of the road. Welcome to Costa Rica! 
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