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Responsible Travel

At Costa Rica Holidays we are passionate about the countries we specialise in and eager to share their delights with you. We also want to maximise the economic benefits, which tourism can bring to each country, yet trying to minimise our environmental and social impacts. This doesn't mean a compromise on the enjoyment of your trip or the quality of your accommodation.

We feel strongly that wherever possible we should directly benefit the communities visited through sustainable travel, environmental protection and social projects. We strive to use and support locally owned suppliers and facilities to ensure your money stays where it is spent, and where possible use local guides and drivers.

We like to support local and Eco friendly hotels as much as possible and certainly encourage each of our hoteliers to develop their use of renewable energy and local labour sources. Many of the hotels we recommend are featured in 'The Green Traveller Guide'.

How to reduce our carbon footprint?

Each time we fly, greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) are released into the atmosphere. The effect of these emissions on global climate change will be the biggest environmental impact of any overseas trip.

Costa Rica Holidays support Climate Care

"Climate Care is a service that helps you to repair the damage your activities do to the climate. It does this by 'offsetting' the greenhouse gas emissions, such as CO2, from your activities by reducing an equivalent amount of CO2 on your behalf. These reductions are made through a range of projects in renewable energy and energy efficiency, which not only fight climate change but bring benefits to communities round the world. You can offset emissions from flying, driving and household energy use."

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